Paris Street Music Festival Getup

If you're ever in Paris for the La Fete de la Musique, try not to expect the outifts you've seen on girls in Coachella. The French does as the French does. I saw loads of normal clothed girls strolling around Paris on the evening of 21st of June—which, i loikeee. Certain music festivals just result in everyone trying to dress so "individually" that they end up looking like everyone else. Except maybe worse, because the next girl usually looks more ridiculous.

And since i am not French, and i am just me, i dress as i do.

Leopard print scarf - A stall somewhere in Europe
Lisa Simpson t-shirt - Pull & Bear, La Defense
Black blazer - Bershka, One Utama
Faded black jeans - Pimkie, La Defense
Yellow-ish nude sneakers - An "Asian" store somewhere near Les Halles
Black bag (my satchel/messenger bag/tote hybrid) - A store in Jonker's Street

My shoes are seriously rotten. I shouldn't be allowed to wear them in public, really, they're all smudged with dirt. But it's the most comfortable shoes i could've gotten for 10 euros, and for that i am simply not ready to get rid of them. Piece of advice: do not buy nude sneakers.

I did wish i have some cute skirts lying around my apartment here though. I got pretty jealous looking at girls clad in maxi skirts/dresses. The weather was pretty good too that day.

None of the items i sported cost more than 25 euros. Congratulations, me!

The music acts we came across that night (reminder: i am not at all well-versed in music, so i just describe it as i tookk it!):

(1) Piano-playing in Forum des Halles

(2) African-like beats outside Forum des Halles; i couldn't resist shimmying along with the dancing listeners!

(3) A band covering famous rock songs near Nabab (Bapak's favourite kebab place!)

(4) Spanish music on the way to Pompidou

(5) Heavy-metal band playing from the balconies of their apartment, possibly?

(6) A band that resembles the typical school/college bands you see in the tv shows/movies, except their music is about fifty times cooler. Also, from what we saw, the one that drew the hugest crowd, right in front of Centre Pompidou.

The red-clad band didn't even mind their delighted fans jumping up and down and dancing so close to them. And i will admit i did some shakin' myself, their beats were contagious!

(7) Hip-hop music on our way back to Metro from Pompidou

(8) We have no idea how to describe the last act we saw. Red-Indian-like...somewhat...?

And then Shah and i had to go home for Maghrib (Isyak came in around 1145pm). I wish we could have stayed out for more music!

Here is a photo of Shah and i fooling around with his screen-cracked iPhone:



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