Casual Weekend Date Outfit

T-shirt: MNG | Jacket: Jeanswest | Pants: MNG

My 5-year-old Jeanswest denim jacket is definitely one of my most treasured piece of clothings. It's not easy for me to find a denim jacket that fits well around my hips so this one is a definite keeper. 

I remember spotting it in a Jeanswest branch in Riccarton mall, in Christchurch, and thinking "I MUST HAVE THIS." I didn't have enough money with me then so I was quite agitated after having to leave the mall, wondering if they were going to sell out that very evening! As soon as I had some extra cash, I went flying to the mall immediately for this jacket.

I discovered a tiny stall in Tropicana mall that sells scarves. The salesgirl recommended me this shocking blue one and I must say I am obsessed with it. It's the coolest tribal-inspired scarf I own.

Loafers: VKI

Oh, if you think the jacket is old, my pants are at least 9 years old.

People might have the impression that I buy clothes and discard them after a while (since some people do say I shop too much), but they won't be entirely right. It might seem like I buy clothes all the time but I don't, and regardless of how often I shop, I really do treasure those really great pieces; those that fit me well and fit me comfortably. 

The key is to keep recycling your clothes in different outfits and styling them differently!



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