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Long Tribal Print Pencil Skirt

Top: Zara | Skirt: Girlies Barn | Shoes: Timberland | Scarf: Bow Bow

I originally bought a Bart Simpson-print pencil skirt which has a slightly shorter hem. Girlies Barn didn't allow buyers to try on their pencil skirts (at least that's what I was told; the owner was worried people would stretch the skirt). 
I saw Bart's face on a skirt, grabbed it and paid for it, only to realise Bart's face was upside-downthe design was printed wrongly.

I went back and exchange that skirt (which, now that I think about it, is maybe a bit too juvenile for a hijab-clad 28-year-old) for this tribal-inspired one.

My scarf has navy blue strips on one long end and bright green on the other end; lucky for me, the green perfectly matches my electric green Zara top.

Shah and my Bapak think I should get my 8-year-old Timberlands polished, but I'd hate to say byebye to the scuffed-up effect. Please, leave your thoughts on this oh-so-critical dilemma down below! Would honestly appreciate it.



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