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Messy Casual Grunge and Simple Life @ KLCC

Because nothing says "Grunge" like a flannel shirt and worn-in boots. 

Top: Pull & Bear | Jeans: Pimkie | Boots: Timberland | Scarf: random little scarf shop in Brussels, Belgium | Bag: Michael Kors Selma in Red Mandarin

KL skyline - something Shah taught me to appreciate.

My 'S' 'Pure White Heart' 'L' bracelet (couldn't resist adding a white pump charm with diamanté next to the 'L')

The light show at the KLCC fountain at night, by the way, is seriously easy on the eyes.

Shah and I had dinner at Simple Life in the food court. They offer vegetarian everything, apparently, but as I understand, a strict vegan would exclude all animal products, including egg. (note: you're entirely welcomed to correct me if I'm wrong)
So if you're an ovo-vegetarian, or an ovo-lacto-vegetarian, or someone who just loves veggies like me, you might like Simply Life.



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