* this particular salon has sadly been closed for some time now, sorry for the inconvenience!

I recently started looking for a hair salon that offers a private room or a private area that could cater to a woman in hijab with certain preferenceslike yours truly.

I used to regularly go to a salon in the Subang area which does offer a tiny, tiny private space, with a chair and a curtain around it. Only their concept of private is questionable since a customer still needs to leave that "private" spot to wash off shampoo from her hair. But of course, if all the staffs were females, this would be less of a problem.

I found a couple of promising salons, but Shah (you know, the man who was going to pay the bill, so his opinion matters loads) was most drawn to one he discovered in KLCC: Centro Privé.

There are two Centro salons in KLCC, Centro Hair Salon and Centro Privé, both of which are on the top floor. Privé is French for "private", so if you're after some serious privacy while attending to your hair needs, Centro Privé could be a the place you're searching for.

(some photos were taken after my hair cut)

Before my haircut

The tiny, tiny entrance to the private room
How the door looks like from inside the room
Behind the reflective black glass is the washing room
A tiny, tiny washing room to be precise
Shah waiting patiently in the chair next to mine
Bravo, Centro, for meeting the reading needs of men as well
Shah had green tea and I had white coffee
All done
Free vouchers!

I'm happy with the result overall. I didn't ask for any cutting-edge hairstyle so I can't comment too much on the hairstylist's scissor-skills but she did a decent enough job and delivered what I had asked for (about 5 inches off, little bits of layers but still bun-ready).

I specifically asked for a female senior stylist so plus the RM 50 room charge, the total payment was RM 150. It's a little steep than what I usually spend on a haircut, but it was worth the experience. I would happily return if I ever want to!