5 Tips to Buying the Best Glasses Possible for YOU

I happen to take buying glasses (you might call them 'spectacles') very seriously for a few reasons:
  • Glasses frames are expensive
  • Lens are expensive
Actually, come to think of it, there's only one reason why buying a new pair of glasses is serious business: because they are EXPENSIVE.

It's not impossible to cut down on the $$$, of course; you could always pick cheaper, generic frames and get the non-anti-anything lens. In my personal opinion, however, a pair of glasses is an investment that could (and should) last for years, so putting in a little effort and research into getting the best pair will be only completely beneficial.

So what are the things you could do before ordering and purchasing your latest glasses?

Determine the style or styles of frames that flatter your face shape

Scout for the shape of frames you like best by either sneakily observing people on the streets or looking at photos of celebrities in glasses. Make a mental note of the styles you likeor even better, screen-capture the photos (don't go around taking photos of strangers, now!) for reference.

An important thing to note: glasses frames that look good on, say, Jennifer Aniston will not necessarily look good on you. Those huge, thick, black "hipster" frames might look mighty pretty on the bridge of your bestie's nose but it could look too out of place on you. We all have different facial features after all!

It's not about finding the prettiest and coolest pair of frames, it's about finding the prettiest and the coolest pair of frames for you.

I find that frames that mimic the shape of your look better than those that contrast. For example, a very sharp rectangular frame would look too harsh on someone with a round face.

Then again, at the end it should be about what YOU like and what YOU feel comfortable in.

Know some basic differences in types of frames
  • Nose pads vs. no nose pads? p/s: nose pads are now apparently unfashionable as it appears they're being phased out
  • Plastic or metal frames?
  • Asian-fitted plastic frames might just be the one for you (find out more about this in your local eyewear shops)
  • Strong and sturdy vs. crazy flexibility?
  • With spring or no spring? (note: spring-less glasses would need tightening once in a few months)
  • Rimless vs. half-rimmed vs. fully-rimmed

Try on as many frames as possible in different shops

Feel free to skip the steps above and dive right into this one! Find out all about the different types of frames in the stores themselves. Try out as many frames as you can in various shops to find out what your preferences are and what shapes suit you best.

Most importantly, bring a trusted partner who can be brutally honest about which frames look most good on you!

Find out the different types of lens offered from the shops you visited

Different shops might offer different brands and types of lens so ask around for information before you decide which ones appeal to you the most. Remember, you don't have to buy your frames and lens from the same shop. 

I feel like lens now are so technological, it's so easy to get confused over which lens to pick! This is why it's important to build a good relationship with your optometrist: trust comes with a good relationship and with trust, the chance of being screwed over will be significantly lessened! 

Another advantage of having a good relationship with your optometry shop? If you're having difficulties with the glasses you purchase from them, it'd be a relief to know they will try to assist you in solving the problem.

Zoom in on the best deal

Eyewear shops always, always have sales going on; I got mine in the Grand Prix sales. I would suggest waiting for a sale season to get your new frames, providing you hadn't just broken your glasses into two pieces or lost them and are therefore desperate for new ones. The discount on frames during sales can go up to 60%, or even 70%, so it's definitely worth the wait.

The frames I ended up choosing had a pretty hefty price tag on them, I must say. I never spent so much on a pair of frames but these frames were like the one I suppose! Lucky for me, Shah (you know, the one who pays the bills) loved the frames as much as I did. Plus, it was from a respectable brand and they were 30% off!

I found my frames on sale in a shop in Tropicana City Mall. This shop has another branch in 1 Utama which sells the same pair of frames but Shah and I got a RM40-off deal from the already-discounted price in the Tropicana branch as we were already well acquainted with a nice salesperson working there.

This Tropicana branch is selling their lenses for a cheaper price than the eyewear shop I regularly went to as well, so remember to note the price difference in different shops too.

So there you go, the five tips!

Are these tips helpful (or going to be helpful) to you as they were for me? If they are, do let me know in the comment box down below. Thanks and all the best in your glasses quest!


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