Shopping for Frames and Glasses is WORK

I probably tried 50 frames before I finally decided on one good pair. If I were less picky, it would have been 150 frames I tried on, I should think.

My previous frames kept getting looser and looser as there's no spring connecting the handles to the lens frames. I also think they were much too big for me.

See? Like I said, too big for my face. I guess I still look pretty cute (ehem) but they're just too big. I bought these particular frames in a hurry and in desperation in Paris, after I lost my glasses while shopping in La Vallee. Drama, that was.

I do like relatively big frames but I realise how overwhelming they could look on my face. At the same time, if I go for frames that are small, I feel they closed up the eye area too much though, and would emphasize the size of my face more than I'd like—does that make sense?—but anything that makes your eyes smaller than they are and makes your face bigger than it is is not flattering in my book.

It all comes down to proportions!

I went frames-window-shopping during the Grand Prix sales when I found one shop that seems to provide good service and loads and loads of choices of frames.

I spent maybe a good 15-20 minutes trying on as many glasses as possiblenot the easiest thing to do for me in my hijab, because my hair kept threatening to spill out of it.

I especially LOVE designer frames. Who doesn't? Aside from being only slightly more expensive than less well-known brands, what can you own from, say, Burberry, for RM 1057? A pair of their best frames, that's what. And that's before the discount.

 Option number 1: Burberry frames

 Option number 2: Marc Jacobs frames

Option number 3: Michael Kors frames

Option number 4: A brand I can't remember but this looks pretty good, no?

And there are many, many more but I think I did enough photo-taking to annoy the person attending to me in the shop. My least favourite out of these four frames above is the Michael Kors one, as the frames are quite thin and make

As you can see, I've chosen rounded rectangular frames as I feel those flatter my rounded-oval face the best, and I decided to stick with neutral, safe colours that can match any outfit I wear.

The shop took half an hour to check my prescription, which is the longest time ever used by anyone working in an eyewear shop to confirm my exact power of my eyes.

I was told to spend 15 minutes walking around the store and the area outside it looking like this. Sure, I looked all sunny and cheerful and bright here but I was really putting on a brave face—that thing weighs like a hundred pounds and left marks on my nose.

I ended up picking the Burberry frames in the end.

Good luck to you if you're hunting for new frames! You might just need it.

For more tips and pointeres on buying frames / glasses, check out my post 5 Tips to Buying the Best Glasses Possible for YOU.


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