Floral Jumpsuit : Daytime to Nighttime


Shah and I made a trip to one of our favourite cities in Malaysia, Bandaraya Melaka, over the weekend.

I love visiting Melaka because I love the food there and I love shopping there as wellas always! 

We were only going to spend two days and one night there so it's important to wear something comfortable on both travelling days as I would be donning each outfit from day to night.

I chose this floral jumpsuit for our first day in Melaka. It was sort of a hand-me-down from my sister Fiza. This is one of the best things about having sisters, reallyyou get to share clothes and you get free clothes too!

The jumpsuit has short cap sleeves so I paired it with a black button down shirt; a cardigan or blazer would have been too hot for Melaka.



I got to change out of my glasses into contact lens after making a little pit stop at our hotel and I added a little lip gloss for some extra colour.

Leave some love in the comment box down below if you have generous sisters too!

Floral jumpsuit: MNG   |   Shirt: Mart by Mooie (which was a shop in Jonker Street but I just found out in my trip that it's no longer there. oh well, there's always Mooie in Bangsar)   |   Loafers: VKI   |   Satchel: Lancel   |   Scarf: Montmartre, Paris   |   Rings: Diva & Subang Parade bazaar   |   Bangle: Diva


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