Fashion Hoarder : Am I One? Are YOU One?

"Hi, my name is Liyana and I am a fashion hoarder."

That's what I thought I was at first. But wait — am I really a fashion hoarder?

First of all, let's understand what the word 'hoard' means. From
(1) Hoard (noun) = a large amount of something valuable that is kept hidden, or a supply or fund stored up and often hidden away
(2) Hoard (verb) = to collect and hide a large amount of (something valuable

Judging from the number of never-worn and can't-remember-last-time-it-was-worn items taking up space in my closet, I might just belong in the not-so-elite group of fashion hoarders. But then again, I put all my items up for display in my closet (thus, not hidden) and many would disagree with me on the the value I put on certain items (hence, not-so-valuable, maybe?).

So at the end of the day, it might just mean one thing: I am a girl who just loves to shop.

Current unworn items include, but not limited to:

  • Seven tops; including the floral peplum by Lana Del Ray x H&M from last year
  • One incredibly gorgeous Michael Kors clutch (50% off!), an early anniversary gift from Shah bought in mid-to-late 2013 (our 4th anniversary was in December 2013; it's May 2014 now)
  • Three pairs of shoes; red heels that came from H&M in London last year and two recent acquisitions, tan boots from Pull & Bear and RM 55 leopard slipper shoes
  • Four pairs of pants, including a cream Zara pants / skirt hybrid from Barcelona last year and a pair of corally pink ones with interesting draped effect at the front

That's odd; I thought listing down these unworn, old-new things in my closet would make me pleased but I'm getting anxiety from this list, to be honest...

I'm that girl who'd stand in front of her closet, which is full of tops and jackets and jeans and skirts and dresses and wail "I have nothing to wear!" to anyone who is waiting for her (usually my patient husband Shah).

And yet, I have so far refused to make use of any of the items for the list above. I very much associate most pieces in my closet with a memory so it has become a habit for me to "officialise" a clothing item during a momentous occasion (anniversary dinner, birthday outing, etc.). I mean, I'm not going to "officialise" my Michael Kors clutch for a grocery-shopping run in the local supermarket, am I?

While all of these new / old-new things remain static in my closet, I have about five well-loved tops I wear almost every other week, two pairs of jeans I swap every other week and a pair of loafers that are abused daily. All these happen while the others remain unloved — or to put a positive spin on it, so loved they don't get used.

There seems to be a problem here — or is there? I wonder. I have a feeling I'm one of many girls who have the same attitude towards their closet.

But I'm vowing to change my ways: in the midst of writing this post, I decided to put on a canary yellow chiffon cardigan with black ribbon belt for my tea date with Shah, a top I first donned two years ago during a bachelorette karaoke party for two of my best friends, a top that has never been worn since — until this post. And I will attempt to become better at this.

Are you very much like me? If you are, why are we the way we are? got two fashion experts to help shed some light on the whole hoarding versus collecting, which you might want to check out (I feel like I'm neither, however). 
I found a helpful article that's perfect for me as well on, which you can read here; the last paragraph was written specifically for me, it seems!


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