I attended a wedding over the weekend but had run out of the usual baju kurung / baju kebaya (still at the laundry, too tight, etc.) so I turned to one of my trusted abayas: this oxblood red one.

I saw this jubah at a store in Subang Parade and it was on sale for RM 100. 
I personally find it hard to find an abaya that comes in a solid colour that I actually like, like this one.

But I gave myself some time to decide if I really wanted it instead of buying it on the spot. After a couple of weeks, I went back to the store and this lone oxblood red abaya was still up for grabs, so I grabbed!

It isn't the most flattering piece of clothing, no, but it's definitely a modest one.

I'm always on the lookout for similar jubah, so, fellow Malaysians, do share if you know where I can get more of this abaya!

Abaya: that big store next to Subang Parade Chatime   |   Scarf: little boutique near Notre Dame, Paris   |   Clutch: Equip, New Zealand   |   Pointed black flats: Kitschen


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