Avocado Toast

Avocado is definitely a new-found love for me. I never used to appreciate avocado but finding a few avocado-filled recipes that simply worklike the Avocado Feta Orange Saladis spurring my determination to try out even more  avocado-filled recipes.

And that leads to a new favourite of mine: Avocado Toast.

You can find the super simple recipe on Simply Sandwiches' blog or go straight to its source, food52.com.

There really is something about avocado's creamy texture and rich natural flavours that get some people hooked; I'm one of those people, and so is my ex-boss, who used to scoop out avocado with a spoon and eat it as it is.

My sister Rina saw photos of these and she was like "What in the world are those?"
Now I must tell you avocado isn't used muchor maybe none at allin the local cuisine here so it isn't the most recognisable ingredient around. Plus, the bright green hue wasn't doing Rina any favours either.

I would suggest to Rina and other avocado-newbies to try avocado out in its solid form first, like in a nice salad (do check out my recipe for Avocado Feta Orange Salad!) instead of mashing it on to a piece of toast or in a sandwich.

This particular Avocado Toast recipe suggested using "flaky salt" but I haven't the slightest clue where to get that here in the PJ / KL area. Do let me know if your local supermarket carry flaky salt because I want to give that a go!

I had to use regular salt instead and tried one toast with black pepper and another with chilli flakes and both taste good. Instead of slices of fancy bread, I stuck with good old Gardenia, which is really always "so good you can eat it on its own".

What's your favourite way to enjoy avocado? Do share avocado recipes with me because I really just want more of the green goodness!


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