Zoo Johor, Johor Baru

I don't know if it's unusual or not, since I'm well into my late 20's now, but I've always loved going to the zoo. Not just the zoo, I love visiting other animal-themed parks as well, like the Bird Park and the Butterfly Park. Shah and I had some time to spare on our recent trip to Johor Baru so to off we went to Zoo Johor!

I would like to mention this: we found quite a few bad reviews online about the zoo. I do agree with some of the reviews but then again, you have to remember, the entrance fee for adult is RM 2 per person. That's a completely minuscule amount for a zoo entrance, people.

The zoo seemed like it is in need of a extra maintenance work but it's not at all bad in there. For RM 2, considering! I have very little knowledge in animal care but it appears to me that there are a few cons. Nevertheless there are pros, too; as imperfect as the zoo is, I still enjoyed spending my day out in it.

This dear deer is a little cheeky!
Baby ducklings
More animal photos:

Adorable sun bears, also known as honey bears

I like how they offer the chance for interactions with the animals, like being able to feed the camels vegetables (who seem hungry all the time) and pat them, and you could serve the birds little seeds in the birds house. I loved feeding the camels but I was nowhere near fearless enough to pat them!

Baby tiger!!!

This open-air area near the back of the zoo (photo above) is one of my favourites; the deers and buffalos are quite a cheeky bunch, sticking their heads between the wooden planks (like the 4th photo in this post and the photo below) and surprising the visitors. The space is the best, considering they have all the room to run about, and are more free than the other animals.

The deer lightly nuzzled my leg when I wasn't looking and I almost jumped out of my skin. It was feeding time for them so I think they were trying to sniff out for more bread.

Have you been to Zoo Johor? Did you enjoy visiting it? What do you think of the state of the zoo?

I hope Zoo Johor will only get better with time. Do visit Zoo Johor if you get the chance.


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