Mickey Tee with Raya Decor @ The Intermark

The Intermark in Kuala Lumpur has put up a few delightful decor installations on their walls, seemingly inspired by the kampung life and Raya Aidilfitriand designed to make most of us adults reminisce on some fond childhood memories.

Well, what's a girl with a camera gonna do but take photos with them?

I don't remember ever playing Teng Tengor Hopscotch, as you might know itin a pair of shoes with some raised centimetres in them (I don't really do inches). It feels good to let loose my inner child!

Have some free time before Raya this weekend? Go get your own dose of photo fun at The Intermark!

Mickey t-shirt: Pull & Bear
Cardigan: Jeanswest
Red pants: Trio
Grey wedges: VKI
Scarf: Bow Bow


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