Navy & Black - Day & Night

A modest dress is never the wrong choice when it comes to smart casual for a muslimah, but as always, it's the black blazer to the rescue. Always.

I'm a jeans kind of girl but it feels nice to put on a pretty dress sometimes, like when I'm going to break my fast and dine at a place that imposes a smart casual dress code.

The rich, deep, navy blue hue is one of my most favourite colours ever—it is in fact the colour of the walls in my bedroom. I love calling the shade 'midnight blue', which sounds incredibly romantic, doesn't it?

I don't know what it is about the colour, but it always seems to suit my skin tone nicely and match whatever makeup I have on perfectly.

A floral navy dress that looks like it's a top and a skirt? What's not to love?
Plus I absolute adore the interesting drapey details at the waist.

A flowy skirt calls for a little twirl, of course.

If you're a fellow hijabed sister, what would you wear to a smart casual dinner? Describe a possible outfit to me as I love getting dress-up tips!

Dress: Jaya 33
Blazer: Bershka
Strappy ballet flats: Kitschen
Scarf: Bow Bow
Handbag: Lancel


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