Jacquard Blazer + Jacquard Pants

Two separate, similar jacquard pieces worn together and I automatically get a jacquard suit.

I had worn this outfit on the day I made my new I.C. at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara in PJ.

I couldn't find a dress code for I.C. photo on Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara's website but JPN stated on their Facebook page (I googled and their FB came up) that dark clothesand I assumed dark hijab as wellwould be the best choice. 

My last I.C. photos was really not the best photo ever (as all of our I.C. photos usually end up to be) but I thought putting a little effort to get a better photo this time wouldn't hurt. 

Sure, the pants won't appear in the photo, but a cohesive outfit is always a nice thought, no?

JPN apparently has black blazers to loan to people who don't arrive in the right kind of top but I'm sure they don't cater to all sizes, so it's a good idea to bring your own favourite dark blazer.
It's perfectly fine to wear any dark-coloured blouse, too, so no worries; my Mak went in a sweet floral kaftan top and her I.C. photo is way better than mine.

Neutral makeup is definitely a plus, too.
Extra tip: Try to wear as little orange or pink-based concealer as possible; it would show in the photo.

Jacquard blazer: H&M
Jacquard pants: Trio
Flat ankle booties: VKI


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