That RM20 R&R Boxy Satchel Bag

I saw this little gem at R&R Sungai Perak and I was sold.
The best part? It cost me a mere RM20.

The shop had plenty of rattan bags hanging overhead but for some reason this little brown boxy satchel, in its dusty plastic wrap, was all alone in a little corner in the shop.

The price was quoted to me as RM25 but the pakcik told me I could have it for RM22. I was very much interested, and I think it showed, but I had to consult this matter with a very important someone; Shah. All because I had zero cash in my wallet at that moment.

The moment I reached Shahwho was sitting at a table further from the shopmy sister Rina, who was in the shop as well, came up and said the pakcik had slashed the price to RM20 for me.

Shah was sold, too. As they say, the rest is history.

Green top: Zara
Jeans: PDI


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