Green Teal Blazer & Lips Print Shirt

The rumour is true: I am a complete sucker for lips print. Anything lips on clothes and in accessories, I'm in.

Have you been in a situation where you think "OK this shirt would look good with that jeans" or "What a cute skirt, that would go well with my blue denim jacket" but when you're actually wearing them, the outfit seems a little off, somewhat?

That's how I felt when I paired this lips print shirt with my go-to black jeans. It didn't help that I was going to be visiting an elderly relative later that day, looking the way I thought I did.

So I did the easiest thing to do to save an outfit: put a blazer on.

A good blazer really has the power to change an entire outfit. I especially love casual cut blazers, like this teal green one.

I bought the blazer when I was in Paris. I liked it so much that I bought it in two colours: this green one and a another in a warm red shade. I have to admit, I have regrets about not buying the navy blue version...

Pale-mint-and-black lips shirt: Pull & Bear   |   Green blazer: Pull & Bear   |   Black jeans: Pimkie   |   Black shoes with velcro straps: random Asian store near Les Halles Metro station, Paris   |   Handbag: Lancel Premier Flirt, black canvas   |   Green leopard scarf: old, from New Zealand


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