Healthy (AND Delicious!) Green Smoothie

Yes, a healthy green smoothie that tastes delicious does exist. You better believe it!

And this recipe needs only four (4) ingredients. I mean, you HAVE to try it out, just on that basis.

I've never tried almond milk before. Heck, I've never even seen it in supermarketsor should I say never noticed it because almond milks are actually available in the local supermarket I always go to. I just never bothered visiting the "fancy milk" section.

I had this idea that healthy green smoothies taste, you know, gross. But this smoothie is far from that as the natural sweet flavours of dates and banana help enhance the taste greatly. Add the fact that I absolutely adore dates (I'm known to eat 10 in one go) and this smoothie is a winner for me.

I found this "The 4-Ingredient Green Smoothie" recipe on Pinch of Yum. Seriously, try it out. You're going to be so proud of yourself for going all healthy and green (I know I did).

Note: Did anyone notice that I filled my green smoothie in a Coca-cola glass?


  1. where did u find those 'Almond milk'?
    i went to Cold Storage tak pernah jumpa pn...
    sometimes i just take normal milk and add almond extract. :(

    1. Hi Zara,

      I found this almond milk kat Jaya Grocer in Jaya 33, but I suspect any Jaya Grocer will have it.
      The almond milk tastes like soya bean actually, but with much less sugar.
      Good luck tau, I harap you jumpa milk ni!

  2. As cliché as it sounds, it's like my body thanks me every time I down a glass of green juice. I firmly believe the combo of exercise and Green drink have jump started a wonderful healing process for me.


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