MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked

I used to be experimental with makeup, wanting to try as many products out there as possible. I'm no longer in that phase, though; I still love experimenting but it's moderated. Now I think about what products that I would really benefit from and concentrate on buying real staples.

MAC Spiked Eye Brows Crayon Pour Les Sourcils (sure is a mouthful!) is hands-down one of my current staples.

Let's talk the good and the bad of MAC Spiked eyebrow pencil:

The Good
  • Colour is perfect match for my colourings (black hair, black eyebrows, darkest brown eyes, tan skin)
  • Thin pencil; easy to draw the arch and the pointy end of eyebrows, plus less chance for mistake
  • Needs no sharpening
  • Leaves soft trail with every stroke drawn; not harsh-looking
  • Easily wiped off if a mistake is made
  • Stays on for hours

The Bad
  • Pencil is not retractable; have to be careful not to twist pencil out too much
I can think of only one bad point, and that means the pros for MAC Spiked massively outweigh its one con.

Crayon Pour Les Sourcils literally translates to "eyebrow pencil"

I'm so glad that thick eyebrows are still very much in because it means less maintenance and saved trips to threading salons. It's chic to have groomed bushy eyebrows nowthe bushier the better, perhaps.

I've been growing my eyebrows out for a while, plucking strays as minimal as possible and trimming them when needed. I have naturally thin brows so they can't grow any thicker as much as I will them to but generally I'm happy with the state of my current eyebrows; they look decent enough as they are but drawing them in with Spiked just makes them look more groomed and neater.

Before and after application:


I honestly can't imagine using any other eyebrow pencil from now on! I don't use it every day so I can see this lasting for quite some time, and when it's finished I'd probably race to the nearest MAC branch to get my second Spiked pencil. Aside from it being al all-around perfect product, MAC Spiked is also just so easy to carry around—I just pop it in my handbag and touch up on the road if needed, which doesn't happen often as it really does stay on me.

MAC Spiked Eye Brows pencil is available online here for RM 67.


  1. I've been on the hunt for the perfect brow product, this looks so good! Like you, I have black hair/brown eyes/tan skin so it's difficult for me to find something that works. I'll definitely check this out in MAC, thank you for this post.. it couldn't have come at a better time! :)


    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for commenting! I've been using this pencil for months and I love it every time I use it, so I hope it's the same for you too. Have fun shopping in MAC!


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