A Chic, Stylish, DREAMY Yankees Ensemble

If you're going, "Wait, Yankees? Liyana is talking baseball??", I'm just going to answer with this: why not? I did just talk about my love for a football team the other day.

Baseball season is well underway so I decided to take on a little project in which I style one of the many, many, many hats that are available online here and come up with an MLB-inspired ensemble with my own personal flavours injected into it.

So which team's hat did I pick? I knew I wanted to do New York Yankees straight away but first, I had to pick which of their caps to style. After visiting Fanatics' website multiple times, I made this fashionably sporty decision:

Growing up in a country where baseball doesn't garner much interest at all, my knowledge of baseball is as good as my knowledge of the big bang theory (the actual theory, not the hit show)that is, not much at all, but it's there.

So why would I pick New York Yankees in the first place? I'll tell you why using this list:

(1) Because, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez (Good times, Derek Jeter, good times. Such a shame on the ban, though, Alex).

(2) New York is the one state in America that is close to the heart of my growing-up experience. I have F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Sex & the City to thank for that.

(3) New York happens to be one of the fashion capitals of the world—that has to count for something! I love Paris forever and ever and to infinity and beyond but, alas, New York tops it in the fashion capital sense. Even Wikipedia says so. Choosing New York Yankees, therefore, feels natural.
Note: If you're asking, "Why not the New York Mets, then?" For answers, please refer to (1), (4), (5) and (6).

(4) Everyone knows the New York Yankees. Everyone. Everyone has heard that name at some point in their life. As foreign as baseball is to me, even I know the big Yankee legendary names like Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio.

(5) All of the New York Yankees' colour themes flatter everyone. Seriouslyyou know you love 'em.

(6) They're winners. Enough said and all that.

I used to wear caps all the time when I was younger (and tucked in my ponytail into the cap opening at the back because it's super cute) but never even bothered to coordinate my outfits to my caps, so this is a fantastic opportunity to finally do that!

Gone are the days when you pair your boyfriend's jersey with sweatpants on game days! Those days are o-v-e-r.

I came up with an ensemble that's casual and comfy, with a little bit of a girly edge in it.

Check cardigan, Mango
This warm cardigan is the perfect garment for cool weathers. Also, how effortlessly chic are those black and gray checkers?

V-neck blouse, H&M
I love this loose blouse as it doesn't only compliment the entire outfit, but notice how the black trimming is basically a built-in 'Y'? I mean, really, could any other shirt be more appropriate for a Yankees' fan? I think not.

Skinny jeans, H&M
The great thing about wearing basic colours like gray and black is that you can play around with prints and textures and get away with almost anything. For the bottom half, I'm going with this cool pair of grey skinny jeans that has zipper details and gathered seams on the knees. These stretchy jeans would be comfortable enough for sitting down, for quickly standing up (as people tend to do at games) or for a feisty celebratory dance.

Flat black booties, Zara
I want to look stylish without letting my feet suffer during a game so those flat leather booties sound like perfection, do they not? They look it, too. The zipper accents, which mimic the jeans' details, just double the cool factor.

Black scarf, H&M
A plain black scarf can come in handy, always. Basic must!

Kitty shoulder bag, H&M
I decided to go with something quirky in the bag department; hence, the cutest yet most badass black kitty purse you will ever see. The size is good enough for carrying my necessities.

I can just imagine how au courant my outfit would look with the dark gray New York Yankees cap!

The thing is, Fanatics offer such a huge variety of caps that I really had a hard time to choose which one I like the most. If you're on a search for your perfect cap, or any garment belonging to your favourite team of any sport, head over to their website and you will very, very likely find it therethe selection is simply vast.

I was utterly delighted to see that they sell soccer apparels as well (reminder: We call it 'football' on this side of the pond). I spent some time ogling the many Manchester United things they sell and I'm looking forward to ogling them with Shah by my side.

I hope you like my Yankees outfit as much as I do. To end this post, here's a quote by Mr. Rodriguez himself:

"Always follow your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't be something." - Alex Rodriguez

This post is in collaboration with Fanatics.com.


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