Lips Print Scarf & Levi's Sneakers

I think 70 percent of my shoes are dainty flats. I mean, they go with EVERYTHING, after all. But then there are days when I'm feeling like, "Let's look a little less girlie and turn to boots or sneakers", and these Levi's printed sneakers are my go-to sneakers.

I found these in a shoe store in Alor Setarof all places! I go to Alor Setar and buy scarves and shawls and cooking ingredients but I never thought to look for a good pair of sneakers there. Shah was buying sandals in a multi-brand shoe store in Pacific Mall, which had this teeny tiny ladies section in the middle. I thought, they wouldn't have anything for me in here. But I was so wrong; Levi's had two cute sneakers on sale, and I wanted both of them.

But no, let's be frugal, I should only buy one pair, and which was it to be, the black and white or the colourful one? I'm telling you, the decision was not easyboth pairs are easy to match, both are 'me'but I settled on one in the end.

Now, the scarf, well, I'm a sucker for anything lips-print. I saw this on a stand in SACC mall during Raya Aidfilfitri sale, grabbed it, paid for itit was over in 7 seconds.

Added a vest and my giraffe bangle to amp up my otherwise plain outfit!


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