Gothic Floral Wraparound Top

I have a love-hate relationship with this top. When I saw it on the rack in Pull & Bear, I was like, "OMG must-have!".

But I think that's exactly it: this top looks good on the rack, and it looks at home in my closet. But when I put it on, I think, "Why in the world did I even buy this top?".

OK, I will admit that there is another explanation as to why I don't fancy this top so much: it's simply because it doesn't look good on ME. I'm sure it would look stellar on someone else though.

I wore this to the immigration to have my photo taken for my passport. It is encouraged to wear dark clothings for your passport photo so I went with the gothic-casual route. I wore a black blazer on top of the floral getup, which I then tied to my bag after I was done taking the photo. You do NOT want to wear layers of clothes and walk around Kuala Lumpur under the hot scorching sun because that invites all kinds of unattractive trouble e.g. sweatiness, light-headedness, etc..

I understand that the photo only shows my face, my scarf and a little of my shoulders, so if you're wondering why I would even bother about the other part of my outfit, well, I guess it's all about committing to the look!

Floral top: Pull & Bear   |   Jeans: Pimkie   |   Boots: Timberland   |   Textured blazer: Cotton On

I was waiting for my passport to be ready when I discovered the bottom part of my Timberlands have cracked a little.
I pretty much bawled my eyes out because it meant I wouldn't be able to take them with me to Japan, when I have carried these shoes with me all over the world. It would take 2 weeks to get them fixed (and it would cost RM 110) so I'm going to get to that once I go back home to Malaysia.

But they were 8 years old (eight, people, EIGHT) so I must say that even if I weren't able to save my Timberlands, they have aged really well and served me satisfactorily and I LOVE YOU BOOTS.


  1. I think it looks nice on you! It's quite an unusual print, but in a good way. You carry the 'gothic-casual' look well :) I have to ask, what do you have on your lips? It's gorgeous!


    1. Awww thanks Sam! It's really kind of you to say that.
      I had Avon Ultra Color lipstick in Cherry Rush on my lips in the photos, it's one of my current lippie faves!

  2. love this floral shirt :)


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