Mushroom & Brussels Sprout Hash with Sunny Side Up Egg

I used to love waking up for breakfast but ever since I became a homemaker, a brunch feels more suitable somehow; the two-in-one meal just works better for me. My brunch usually resembles a breakfast more than a lunch but I can't be skipping my portion of vegetables too often either (reeeaaally not a fan of veggie for brekkie).

So when I find a precious recipe like this hash that's made of sautéed button mushrooms and brussels sprout, topped with a sunny side up egg, I intend to stick with it as long as I can and hope I never ever ever get bored of it.

I don't quite understand what the fuss with brussels sprout is all aboutI mean, why do people keep saying it tastes terrible? Brussels sprout has to be one of the tastiest vegetable out there, seriously. 

Brussels sprout doesn't exactly appear in any of the local cuisine here in Malaysia so I grew up never having tried it, and ditto for Shah.
The first time we had a taste of brussels sprout was actually in Paris. Shah has an uncle who works as a professional personal chef who travels all over the world for his job, and lucky for us, this uncle happened to be in Paris when we were there for our one-year stay. It was such a blessing because we ate the most amazing food in Paris and it wasn't even in any restaurantand it was all free! (Their kitchen didn't have a dessert chef so we got to eat the best desserts and pastries Paris has to offer for free, too. I know. We were out-of-this-world lucky)

I learned to love brussels sprout from Shah's uncle so when I returned to Malaysia, I started cooking it myself. This Mushrooms and Brussels Sprout Hash recipe I got from Refinery29 is one of my favourite choices for a full brunch; I always pair this with some crunchy toasted bread to make it really wholesome.

I would leave the hash in the pan to really brown because I love having that extra crunch to the veggies. Adding a little lemon juice is the stuffit just takes my brunch to a whole other level.

Ain't nobody got time to use two different pans for one meal so I just make a whole in the middle of the pan and let my egg get sunny in the middle!

Try ityou might just love it as much as I do.


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