The Picnic Table by Simply Sandwiches

The Picnic Table by Simple Sandwiches has officially launched!

I'm going to give you a rundown of who Simply Sandwiches is and what The Picnic Table cafe is all about, but first, here's a picture of me in front of the cafe:

OK, I was really just helping out with the registration, so I'll show you who the real stars of the event were:

Simply Sandwiches' famous sandwiches, of course!

Simply Sandwiches is the brainchild of Shaheera Djafar and Sharin Sharif, who met back in Sydney in 2007. They bonded over their love for food and started to roam around the city together with their friends, visiting the many amazing cafes and restaurants there.
Upon coming back to Malaysia, they realised that healthy wholesome food isn't as widely available and reachable as back in Australia (the easiest food here is always the greasiest and the unhealthiest, isn't it?). So, by vowing to make some much needed changescombined with lots of hard, earnest work and some serious dedicationSimply Sandwiches was then birthed.

It started out as a food-delivery business back in 2011 with them delivering their healthy yet super delicious sandwiches to the lucky people of Klang Valley, and when I said "healthy yet super delicious", it honestly isn't false advertising; Simply Sandwiches pretty much has a cult following already.

My personal favourites are their Garlic Butter Prawn Sandwich and Beef Salami Sandwich (note to self: Never again blog about succulent food on an empty stomach).

Say hello to the co-founders!
Simply Sandwiches really does use the best of the best; their wholemeal seeded bread is the cream of the bread crop, their salads and tomatoes are always fresh and crunchy, and their sauce? Well, it's a secret sauce, and the fact that they use this secret sauce makes the sandwiches taste even better, somehow (tip: It tastes like an elevated version of mayo, so at least we all know there's mayo in it...I think).

Fast forward three years later and they've finally made another one of their dreams come true: to open their very own cafe. It's not just any cafe, too; it's probably the first cafe in Malaysia to have an indoor picnic concept. I love how cosy the cafe feels, with their pretty wooden tables and chairs, with its bright cerulean wall (I'm a sucker for strong rich colours) and their seriously comfy "grass". You can choose to lounge at one of the tables or make yourself at home on a picnic mat.
To sum up, everything about the cafe is Instagrammable.

It's entirely possible to cross into napping territory when hanging out there, especially when you've filled up your tummy with all the scrumptious offerings of The Picnic Table.

Feel free to salivate over the menu

The Picnic Table is really not just a feast for the eyes; the food really is the best part about the cafe, because that's what a proper cafe is all about, innit?

Aside from their selection of sandwiches (they have a total of 12 flavours, including a sweet one, Banana Peanut Butter with salted caramel—seriously, getting hungrier by the second), you can also get your hands on pasta dishes such as Spaghetti & Meatballs (I devoured this during the launch, mmmmm) and Grilled Shrimp Pesto Pasta. Look out for their Wild Mushroom Bruschetta and Mushroom Soup with Garlic bread as well.

I rarely end a meal without dessert and thankfully, The Picnic Table have sourced the best desserts into their cafe (salted caramel brownies, anyone?).

Salted caramel brownies and red velvet cake and cream puffs ohmyGod DECISIONS DECISIONS (final decision: I ate them all)
The Picnic Table had a successful launch—it was such a party! The cafe was packed with media reps, food bloggers and close family and friends of Simply Sandwiches' team.

I must mention that all of the sandwiches were finished and all gobbled up by the time I was done with registration; that's really how much of a hit their sandwiches were
LOVE the stylish Waldo-inspired paper cup! Just enjoying their healthy infused water here (or more like gulping the water, it really was hot outside at the registration table)
Emceed by Innanie Ariffin
What's a party without some entertainment?
Shaheera and Sharin being interviewed outside The Picnic Table
Me handing over a goodie bag to a guest (p/s: OK, OK, that's Fatin, another best friend of mine, that's all)
Fatin, Me, Shaheera <3 <3 <3
The driving forces behind Simply Sandwiches: Shaheera, Sharin and Shazlin. Simply Sandwiches is all about the S!

Simply Sandwiches still does delivery every weekday around Klang Valley; you can find their delivery schedule on their Facebook page. They can cater for parties and meetings on any day of the week; they have in fact cater to many huge companies around Kuala Lumpur and PJ, and even to celebrities! (Trying to remain classy by not mentioning names, that is all)
You could even rent out The Picnic Table for private parties or events, with special packages and services by them.

For more info, Whatsapp or call them at these numbers: 017-6862076 or 017-2070407, or shoot them an email at

You guys really really REALLY have to come over to The Picnic Table and experience the fun and tasty goodness yourself!

The Picnic Table's address:
62A-G, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Look for the bright blue-green shop (or the shade I call cerulean) behind Loudspeaker!

Opening Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8am - 11pm
Monday: Closed

Find Simply Sandwiches on the web at these places and follow them on social media:
Simply Sandwiches Facebook
Simply Sandwiches Instagram

We might just meet there, who knows?

Special thanks to Hazrina Aris, my photographer of the day!


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