Duffle & Plaid

When I was studying in New Zealand, my wardrobe comprised mainly of down jackets and puffer jackets. Looking back now, I can say that having down/puffer jackets in 10 different colours and textures did not succeed in making my outfit choices any less boring.

Only when I went to Paris did I realise that there are so much more to the world of outerwear. Gazing at all these French girls, with their je ne sais quoi (can't write about French girls without including this phrase, can you, fashion bloggers?), I was itching for a new additional to my winter wardrobe. My priority has always been affordability (plus adorability, which I know isn't really a word...) so when I saw this duffle coat on sale in H&M in Les Quatre Temps, I knew it was mine to have.

I had gotten bored of my outerwears fast when I was in Tokyo, because I am personally in awe of Japanese street style more than French's (you're welcomed to gasp at this, if you wish)all those Tokyo girls in their enviable coats and chunky heels, exuding this nonchalant "you-wish-you-have-my-style" overall feeling, you can't help but take a second, third and fourth look at your own style.

Being a born-and-bred Malaysian who is destined to live in hot and humid Malaysia, it's just not practical to keep adding a new coat or jacket to my closet, so mixing up what I pair with my outerwear is the only option. 
It was a sunny day in Tokyo so I had that extra bit of warmth that I always wish for when I'm experiencing winter season, and that allowed me to unbutton my duffle coat to reveal my green plaid shirt. The tiny temperature hike also permitted shoes without thick socks, hence, my new red loafers from Timberland.

I've always had a bit of an obsession with a good plaid shirt because it fits my casual-grungy-yet-girlie-messy style.
OK, it's obvious I don't have one style that I always adhere to but whatever my style is, a plaid shirt fits right in!

Duffle coat: H&M   |   Plaid shirt: Pull & Bear   |   Jeans: Mango   |   Loafers: Timberland   |   Handbag: Marc Jacobs


  1. Babe! Your bag and loafers get thumbs-up! <3


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