I think it would be idealistic to for me to shop in the men's department for the upper half of myself and stick with women clothings for the bottom half. The only problem is, men's clothes don't quite fit me right. I like the generosity of size M but the shoulders would be too wide, but if I take an S, the top would be much too snug around my truthful hips (because my hips don't lie, baby).

But there are times when I take a look at the choices in my closet and go "Whatevs, mayn, I'm going with Shah's plaid shirt here" and throw it over my skinny jeans, but I never look all that presentable when I go down that route.

In Tokyo, I ran out of outerwear choices. I got sick of my green down jacket, my colour-blocking blazer, my grey trench coat (which doesn't do much in the low temperatures), and there are only so many times I can wear my fuzzy oversized zebra cardi (so bummed about not being able to wear it in hot and humid Malaysia). So what else can girl do but steal from his closet?

And, you know, I think I don't look at all bad here...

Lips print top: Pull & Bear   |   Faux leather jacket: Pull & Bear (men)   |   Jeans: Pimkie   |   Loafers: Timberland   |   Handbag: Marc Jacobs

I have quite the adoration for skinny jeans but lately I've been seriously into cuffed boyfriend jeans. I get mine from Zara and Pull & Bear and whatnot but I get envious when I see girls opting for that real authenticallyas in, they actually pinch their boyfriend's/husband's jeans, pair those with a pair of strappy heels and totally rocking the look. Problem is, my husband's jeans are about twice the size of mine. If only the pants-dropping-to-show-off-underwear look is acceptable for us girls...but it isn't.

Come to think of it, it isn't for boys, either.

After this pleather jacket situation, I'm definitely peeking more into Shah's closet now. His shirts and tees are looking real good to me right now...

Is this pinching from his closet thing a thing for you as well? I would love to get some ideas on the best stuff to "steal" from men, so please be generous and share your ideas here!