I'll be honest; I never ever ever thought a hijabi could put on a beanie and look presentable.

It was my very last day in Tokyo and it was a cold, cold one. I had packed away my warmest jacket and was left with this lighter duffle coat that didn't do much to keep me toasty. Have you heard of a myth that says most heat comes out of your head? Well, it is what it is, a myth, but it does help your body to retain heat better when your head is coveredor in my case, extra covered.

I absolutely do not own a beanie but at that time, desperate cold time calls for desperate measure, so it made sense to steal from his closet again. Shah happened to have two beanies at hand, a black one and a bright red one; the black one would have been more discreet but I thought the red one just happened to match my mandarin red handbag (and my lips, too) perfectly! 
It's actually Manchester United's official beanie which we bought when we were in Old Trafford, with MU's logo prominently displayed. As much as I like Manchester United, I didn't want the logo to show so I just turned the beanie inside out.

Beanie: Official Manchester United merchandise   |   Duffle coat: H&M   |   Top (not seen): Uniqlo SPRZ NY Sweat Long Sleeve Dress   |   White pants: Uniqlo   |   Ankle boots: Forever 21   |   Handbag: Michael Kors Selma in Mandarin Red