So, I'm Back In Tokyo...

And it is COLD.

But it doesn't matter. I was walking through Narita airport, looking around and having that in-awe momenta moment where I thought, "I can't believe I'm back HERE."

It wasn't all sunshine after that moment of awe yesterday, though. Shah and I managed to upgrade my seat to business class (yes!) but after a plate of satay and watching Gone Girl together, we manage to sleep for like 30 minutes before being woken up for breakfast. Really, 6 hours overnight flight and we clocked in a measly half an hour nap each. Tokyo is one hour behind Malaysia but you won't believe how annoyingly jet-lagged I am right now. 

On top of that, I walked into our apartment here in Tokyo with a heavy set of eyes and a tired brain, then saw two meters of space on my right, 1 meter of kitchenette on my left and a bathroom and a toilet occupying a sliver of space in front of me. Honestly, this is the tiniest apartment I have ever lived ineven my student studio room in Christchurch seemed palatial compared to the space I am in now. Sleep-deprived and confused, I miraculously managed to fit all of our three large suitcases, one medium sized one, one cabin luggage, two laptop bags, my camera bag, and my boxy handbag into their respective corners and nooks.

After sleeping for five hours, both of us got ready to go out, shopped for bowls and mugs (of the Hello Kitty, Kirimi, Shin Chan, and Detective Conan varieties, because it's Japan), got some Thai food for dinner (please, do not judge) and had a good night sleep. All in all it was a good day (largely due to the shopping session).

And so today is a brand new day and I AM IN TOKYO, BABY.

Well, in Tokyo with very, very limited wardrobe choices, plus I only have two pairs of shoes with me right now (don't panic, don't panic) but I'll make do.
I. Can. Do. THIS.

 Favourite snacks and will be cooking with only ONE hot plate

 Shin Chan mug for hot tea and Milo

Shopping for halal food

Cosy bed corner

Can't be more grateful, I am a lucky girl xx

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  1. Lucky you!!! I love love LOVE Tokyo.

    1. I love Tokyo too! Just got back a few days ago and already missing it badly...


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