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Bugs, Prints & Stage 14

My fun bug print sweater and confetti pants were in contrast with the cold rainy bleak day that I spent at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, but maybe those were exactly what was needed for an extra dash of cheeriness.
I love the prints combination so much, can't wait to pair them again here in Malaysia. There won't be unnecessary layerings next time, though!
Note: Guys, this Playboy jacket is freakin' nine years oldPlayboy + 9 years, can I get more old-school than this?
Sweater: H&M   |   Denim shirt: Cotton On   |   Pants: H&M   |   Leather sneakers: Timberland   |   Jacket: Playboy


  1. Ok, that's beyond adorable.

    1. Awww really? Sweet of you to say that!


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