That Embroided Bohemian Jacket...

Since the temperature in my second Tokyo trip wasn't going to be much different than during my first one, I figured I needed a different set of outerwear options. Buying a whole new winter-appropriate clothes, although an enticing notion, didn't seem like the best idea since I spend most of my life in one of the hottest and most humid countries around. Lucky me, I have two sisters who could offer me fresh outerwear options without me having to fork out a single cent!

Some of the great things about having my sisters as, well, my sisters, are: (1) the three of us are about the same size, and (2) we all have quite different tastes that allow us to not have the same things in our closet, but yet there are always things that we want to borrow off each other.

If I had seen this embroided, bohemian-inspired jacket first, I probably wouldn't get it for myself, so I have to say I'm glad my big sister went through her online-shopping phase where she bought countless jackets and shirts, and I get to borrow this unique piece from her.

Instead of going down my usual blue-jeans-and-plain-scarf route with this jacket, I decided to switch things up a little by pairing it with a navy-and-white striped scarf and burgundy pants, letting the plain navy tee threading every piece together.

Jacket: online (too many online shops on Instagram for her to remember which shop)   |   Long-sleeved t-shirt: Forever 21   |   Pants: H&M   |   Ankle boots: Forever 21   |   Scarf: Red's Revenge


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