How To Groom Your Eyebrows

I've been obsessed with my eyebrows lately and apparently I really like talking about them. In case anyone is interested, some things have changed since this post: my right eyebrow is back to being my favourite brow, my eyebrows are slightly fuller now, and they're still refusing to stay united and grow in the same direction.

My eyebrows have always been on the thinner side so I guess this is as "Cara Delevigne" as they could go. Although it wasn't actually Cara who got me so concerned with my eyebrows, no—the heart of my brows belongs to AnnaSophia Robb, who has this combed-up eyebrow look that I just love (refer here and here). 

Lucky for us, eyebrows not only can be shaped but they can also be groomed to grow in a certain way. Grooming your eyebrows is harder than shaping them but it is absolutely doable with time and with a lot of patience.

I'd like the brow hairs nearest to the nose to point upwards, with the others still pointing upwards but with decreasing angle as you go towards where the brow ends (like I said, I'm obsessed). It's OK if you don't like your eyebrows to look the same way (some of you might want to pluck my eyebrows away, but please refrain!) as you could still use these three steps below to groom your eyebrow hairs however way you want them to and whichever direction you want them to face.

Use regular facial moisturiser
This lotion action is sort of a "kill two birds with one stone" thing: you're moisturising your skin and you're grooming your brows as well! Apply this step whenever you're using moisturiser in your daily beauty routine. This step isn't for the moisturising properties, of course, but there's something in moisturiser that clings to eyebrow hairs and help coax the hairs to face a certain direction—albeit temporarily, but I find it helps in my grooming procession.

 Get a teeny bit of face moisturiser

Rub moisturiser between your fingers 

 Apply them on your eyebrows gently in an upwards motion

If you like your eyebrow hairs to face outwards as opposed to upwards, then apply the moisturiser that way instead.

Comb them throughout the day
This step is to make my eyebrows "practise" facing upwards so that eventually one day they will grow that way themselves. All you need to do is to comb your brow hairs gently as many times per day as you can in the direction you want your brow hairs to grow.
Practice makes perfect after all!

Use a spoolie to comb

Or you can also use your favourite eyebrow brush

Apply brow gel
Even when I comb my eyebrows upwards, the hairs tend to lose its battle to gravity and will usually droop down again after a while. No problem; just combat this problem with a good tube of brow gel.

Keep a clear brow gel at bay, like this No7 Lash & Brow Perfector; a tinted one would do too

Comb them upwards

Now they'll happily stay in place

I've been practising these three steps for months now and I must say my eyebrows have changed for the better, so these steps do actually work. But remember, patience, patience, patience!

I'm not sure how everyone feels about the phrase "Happy Wife Happy Life" (I'm a personal advocate) but I can definitely get on board with this one: "Happy Brows Happy Girl"!

How do you guys give some lovin' to your eyebrows?

Makeup used:
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW35
No7 Moisture Drench lipstick in Mulberry


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