Bag on a Denim Bag

A little quirk, a little bit kitschalways my cup of tea.
On a side note, I do love tea, addicted to it, actually. I also seem to have an addiction for impractical bags...

I was window-shopping in Shibuya 109 when I saw a chain white bag that has a print of a bag on it (Chanel-like, uh huh) hanging from a mannequin's arm in Avan Lily; it was pretty much instant love for me.

"Window-shopping", I mean, come onnn, that almost never happens, right? But on that particular day it did happen for me. Really. If I'm being honest, I was amazed at my own willpower! I walked away from Avan Lily but I couldn't stop thinking about that well as two clutches, one of which was in Laforet, which I went to before going to Shibuya 109.

But that white bag was like a magnet; I found myself going back to Shibuya to get it but to my surprise there was a denim version too, so I got this denim baby instead of the white one. As much as I wish I could take home both white and denim bags, I must say I'm happy I chose the denim in the end because I didn't already own anything like it. 
And, well, I guess my willpower isn't all that impressive...

Sky blue top: Zara   |   White sleeveless t-shirt (underneath): Supre (old)   |   White pants: Uniqlo   |   Sneakers: Levi's   |   Denim chain bag: Avan Lily, Shibuya 109

I was itching to match that bag with the split sides t-shirt with the frayed edges I got from Zara in Roppongi Hills because their colours are so similar: sky blue and sweet.
Pairing them with my white Uniqlo pants and this scarf that has always been one of my favourites, but I never even noticed how the spots on it are shaped like little hearts until this photo <3


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