Barbie Girl In My Own World

You know what, I don't remember having an attachment to Barbie dolls when I was a little girl. I remember playing with them whenever I was over at my neighbour's house, but that's about it; I was always more of a kitchen-set kind of girl.

So I cannot explain why I chose to buy this Zara Barbie top, other than my grown-up affinity to kitschy things.
And, OK, I like the Moschino Barbie sweater, and this top is so OBVIOUSLY a dupe for it. Ironic, considering I wrote about this issue before...

But, look, it's hard to say no to cute additions to my closet if I could afford it, plus Shah didn't help by commenting he liked the top while I was holding the top up uncertainly in the Zara at Roppongi Hills.

When my husband says he likes a topthis is a man who thinks I have too many clothesI'm daymn well gonna buy it. 
Before he changes his mind, that is.

Barbie top: Zara   |   Frayed t-shirt: Zara   |   Burgundy pants: H&M   |   Pink boots: H&M   |   Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs


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