Beauty Routine With Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner & Special Healing Powder

I don't know why but beauty products that are used by celebrities have always appealed to me. That probably makes me a little bit of afor want of a better wordsucker, but we are talking about people who are mostly picture-perfect with basically flawless skin, so whatever they use must usually work!

For that reason, Mario Badescu is one skin care brand that has always intrigued me, plus most of their products are relatively affordable. I was enthusiastic about getting the chance to try not just one Mario Badescu product, but two of them.

Let's get into the the good and the bad of these two:

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner
The one thing that was lacking from my daily beauty routine is a toner so this was the perfect product for me to try. I'm always nervous about adding a product to my facial skin care because using the wrong product could cause little bumps to appear on my skin, especially around the forehead area, so I approached this with caution.

The Good
  • Delightfully and pleasantly surprise as this toner fits my skin really, really wellso well that the existing little bumps that were already on my forehead are even slowly disappearing! (Can a toner be this magical?)
  • Claims to remove acne scars so pretty hopeful that I will get to see that magic really soon
  • Smells pleasant
  • Doesn't sting the skin as some of my previous toners
  • Doesn't dry out skin or result in flaky skin
The Bad
  • At RM 96, a little bit pricey compared to regular pharmacy products I've usedbut guys, this thing is almost magic, maybe just let Mario Badescu take all your money?
  • Turns my skin a little oilier than normal after several hours

How I use Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner:
(1) Pour a small amount of toner onto a cotton pad
(2) Wipe cotton pad all over face, avoiding my eye area
(3) Apply my favourite moisturiser
(4) Conceal undereye circle if I'm heading out

Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder
This powder is meant for concealing redness, and since green cancels out red, that explains the slightly green-tinted powder. The powder is translucent though so don't worry, the green will not show up at all on your skinwhich is perfect as I LOVE this powder.

The Good
  • Zaps away undesirable shine
  • Mattifies my skin nicely
  • Makes skin glow in photos (What is this sorcery?)
  • Evens out complexion (This baffles me as bit as this isn't a makeup item, but now I'm convinced this would be a great substitution to the regular makeup powder I usually apply on top of foundation)
  • Reasonably priced at RM 65
The Bad
  • Powder puff that comes with it is a little 'meh'but I'm a brush kind of girl anyway

How I use Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder:
(1) Dip brush into jardon't be afraid to be generous!
(2) Pat all over face, concentrating on where I get shiny the most
(3) Buff all over face

I'm incredibly pleased to introduce these two products in my daily beauty routine, and I'm even more pleased with the results! All I'd need for a lazy day out is to add some lipstick, curl my lashes and add nothing else on top of the above routine.

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