Electric Blue Mote Mascara Curl Base

One of the best purchases I made in Tokyo was this sleek electric blue Mote Mascara.

There were five newly-released Mote Mascara but the blue-black colour of the formula in this blue tube was what got me hooked. Girls loves the blue eye makeup trend after all!
This mascara is targeted to those who need a lift in their lashes and I have to say, this mascara really does deliver. I like this mascara so much I bought the orange Mote Mascara in my second trip to Japan. 

The only frustrating thing about Mote mascaras is I can't seem to find a place online to buy them. If anyone knows where I can get the Mote range online, do let me know and share with everybody here.

I suppose it is a little unfair that I'm writing about it but this post is really for those who are planning to visit Japan, are already in Japan or know someone who's about to visit Japan/who lives in Japan—you should own this mascara for some serious curlicious action.

Japanese mascaras really are some of the best in the market; another old favourite of mine which is just as goodif not better than Mote Mascara!—Heroine by Kiss Me, which is thankfully available in major pharmacies and beauty stores in Malaysia!


  1. Your lashes look great (and so do you!). I don't think I've ever tried any Japanese mascaras but I always hear good things. I would love to visit there one day... and check out the cosmetics, of course! :D


    1. Thank you, Sam! There isn't any Japanese products in the UK? But you guys get sooo many other brands, though! I was obsessed with Sleek when I was there.

  2. Adambeauty stocks all five of the Mote Mascara formulations, including the blue-tube "Repair Base". The shipping on this site is a bit slower than it used to be (I think they tightened up the mail inspection laws in Hong Kong a year or two ago?), but it's cheap and comes with a tracking number.

    1. Thanks heaps for the info, Cey! I've never heard of that site before. I already had a peek at it so now I'm excited to explore. Thanks again!


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