Leopard Joggers + Pink Boots

My last day in Tokyo was a bittersweet one...can't quite explain why. Perhaps I was sad about leaving Tokyo at a time that was so near to the time of blooming sakuras, but I was happy when reminiscing the journey throughout my second Tokyo trip.
And maybe because I don't know when I will get to see Tokyo again, but I got to take these pink sweeties back home with me.

Speaking of sweeties, at the very last minute in Omotesando, I snagged a chewing-gum-shaped clutch at Laforet. It might show up in a near future post, who knows...

I was going to the airport straight after this little bye-bye session at Omotesando so I wanted to wear something truly comfortable for the 6-hour flight back home. Nothing restrictive, everything loose, so I went for this oversized Zara top and baggy leopard joggers, plus almost no makeup aside from a little concealer under the eyes.

Two-tone top: Zara   |   Leopard joggers: Factorie (worn in my birthday outfit post)   |   Bright pink boots: Timberland   |   Lips print scarf: random shop along Montmartre, Paris   |   Coat: (borrowed from my Mommeeyh, better believe it)


  1. You're so bold! I never would have thought to pair these pieces together, but it really works x

    1. Thank you Jamie-lee! To be honest I used to think leopard print paired with pink is a no-no. But then I got these boots (never thought I would buy pink boots either) I thought "Well why not?", so I am SO glad someone likes it!


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