New Old Look For

Hi guys,

So after the whole missing posts debacle, I had decided my blog should have a template as plain as possible; hence, the previous black and white look. I had contemplated leaving my blog that way but I just missed my old grey-red-pink look I had before so much, so what you're seeing is the new look that is very, very similar to the old pre-nightmare episode.

One issue I have is I have never, ever been truly happy with any previous blog faces. I have this tendency to compare my blog's appearance to other blogs; I'm always tweaking and changing things so I think I just have to accept that it is a little "condition" that I havebut don't worry, I'm vowing to keep this blog looking like this for as long as I could stand it.

I really hope I've done the coding for the blog's template better this time around, though! Here's to hoping there won't be another blogger's scary story of disappearing posts (or worse) coming your way.
If it does, I might have to consider calling in the pros...

Thanks for reading this, and  I hope everyone is having a stellar dayno Monday blues, I hope?

Liyana <3


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