That Blazer with Faux Leather Sleeves

That's one thing I can scratch off my wishlist!

It was between a denim jacket with faux leather sleeves oractually, no, I really did want a denim jacket with faux leather sleeves. I saw some affordable ones but none felt right on me. 

Then I saw this blazer and I didn't even know I wanted a blazer with faux leather sleeves. But magical things happen when you're on a shopping trip: you see things you didn't even think about but in your heart you just knew you always wanted it.

Right? Well, sort of...

I thought I'd take out my Doraemon clutch for a spin, too. I used to watch and read Doraemon as a child but when have I ever thought, "One day I'm going to own a Doraemon clutch"? But here I am with one. 

It might be a bit of an overstretch to call it a clutch as it came with a Japanese magazine, so it's more of a little bag/pouch. I don't understand the Japanese language but I saw the clutch first, and when I found out it came free with a magazine, I went, "I'll get the magazine."

Blazer: H&M   |   Plain black t-shirt: H&M   |   Boyfriend jeans: Pull & Bear   |   Shoes: VKI


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