One Lazy Weekend, Same Three Accessories

Hey, everyone repeat their clothes and accessories, right? Only we don't all like to admit it, especially if you own a style blog...

It was this outfit, consisting of the blazer with the faux leather sleeves, that I wore on Saturday. It felt like a really lazy perfect weekend (or is that perfectly lazy?) in which, unlike other weekends, I chose to not put too much thought into what I'm wearing, so on Sunday I just went for the same scarf and used the same clutch.
The third accessory? My glasses, of course; some days girl just don't feel like sticking contacts onto her eyeballs.

Throw a denim jacket over the shoulders for the tiniest touch of sophistication, and I'm pretty much ready for my fancy Sunday mocktail.

Denim jacket: Jeanswest (old, from New Zealand)   |   Grey sweater: Zara   |   Black maxi-skirt: random shop near Les Halles station, Paris   |   Purple & navy loafers: Timberland   |   Doraemon clutch: came with a magazine in Tokyo!

It's funny but listing down the things I'm wearing here made me realise that my outfit consists of things that came from four different countries. It's kind of dope! Am I allowed to say the word "dope"?

It's a "hopter", people! Plus the freshest berry mocktail and the perfect flavoured tea for a Sunday.


*note: all photos taken using iPhone 5s


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