Here, Kitty Kitty

    These adorable cat ears sunglasses are definitely one of my top favourite things to come out of my second Tokyo trip.

    I've always been a little bit of a hoarder, in the sense that I buy clothes and accessories and store them away in my closet, only putting them to good use weeks and even months afterwardsactually, even years, come to think of it. I'm just one of those who like to "find the right moment" to wear something, especially when I really like that something.

    Never did it occur to me the right moment would be Shah's work department's "family day" outing to a little river near Genting Sempah! It's a quaint place that's ideal for a day trip, especially for families with little children; the river water was shallow, nicely cool and very clean. It was a pretty hot day so even though I was in a thin layer of clothing, I had to will myself not to just immerse my whole body in the cold water. My feet did have the pleasure of cooling off, though.

    About the cat ears shades: I saw them in Tokyo Solamachi, the mall at the base of Skytree Tower, and just fell in love with them. They cost only about 1000 yen, too, I mean, have you seen a better bargain? I saw the same shades in Shibuya 109 as well. The funny thing is, just like the French, the locals I see in Tokyo are not big on sunglasses. Funny, because they have such an interesting collection of shades there, not to mention affordable!

    More for the tourists, then?

    Scarf: Red's Revenge   |   T-shirt: Forever 21   |   Leopard joggers: Cotton On   |   Flip flops: Ipanema

    Leopard cotton joggers against all the nature and green backdrop, I mean...


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