The Men's White Shirt

Why steal from his closet when you can just shop from there?

I've been looking for a slightly oversized white shirt for a while but apparently I've been looking in the wrong placesor should I say the wrong department?
I went shopping with Shah for his office shirts and what do you know, the white shirt in size M at Seed's men section is pretty much the perfect fit for me!

White shirt: Seed   |   Jeans: Pimkie   |   Cut-out boots: Bershka   |   Crossbody bag: ChloĆ© Marcie Mini in Brown Sugar   |   Sunglasses: Zara

I never thought I'd be one of those people who bring white clothes while travelling and actually wearing them, I mean, there I was, in a park of all places, with the prospect of getting brown earth smudges on that perfectly clean white canvas... Can't take all the credit though, because Shah was the one who convinced me that it'll all be fine, and it was. Went for a head-to-toe neutral palette on this day with white, black and shades of tan!

I'm obsessed with these shades and tan cut-out boots, by the way; I found these boots at the sale section in Bershka at Shibuya on my second trip to Tokyo in March but I wore them for the very first time boarding the plan to Tokyo on this third trip!

Head over to this post to check out my most recent men's clothing discovery; I'm just LOVING the men's section nowadays.


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