Affordorable Makeup From Japan

I tend to spot clothes faster than I do makeup and beauty items, which was why I only manage to snag a few beauties and one more in my first and second trip to Japan. This third time around, though, I made sure to put aside just a little bit more of my Japanese Yen for some makeup and beauty goodies that are available in Japan's famous cosmetics-laden pharmacies and other local beauty stores.

I had a real hard time deciding what to buy because I was spoiled for choices. Some of you might have read or heard legendary stories about makeup hauls from Japan; it's not so much because Japan has a bigger amount of makeup brands than any other places, but I think it has more to do with the fact that these makeup aficionados were setting their eyes for the very first time on these never-seen-before brand-new brands, that are mostly unavailable in their country.
They way the makeup and beauty items are arranged play a part too; some are crammed together so tightly that it gives you the impression that there's more than you could possibly ever buy. It's like a fresh, thrilling makeup-and-beauty-shopping experience, really!

In addition to the Revlon 9 Super Lustrous Lip Cube that I got en route to Japan, my makeup haul on this trip includes:

Yojiya Oil-Blotting Facial Paper, Lipstick Blotting Paper & Face Powder Paper
Aburatorigami is a traditional Japanese facial blot paper and Yojiya is the brand you want to go to for them. Yojiya originated from Kyoto, which explains why its stores are strewn all across the city; just look for the famous logo, which is an illustration of a woman looking into a hand-held mirror!
There are a couple of places in Tokyo that exclusively stocks them but I knew earlier on in my third trip that it'd be more special to get some Yojiya Aburatorigami (and some other Yojiya things) from Kyoto itself.

L.A. Colors 28 Color Eyeshadow in Malibu
OK, so this is obviously not from Japan, but, guys, this palette cost me 1000 yen, and it isn't available in Malaysia. 1000 yen, that's like RM 30 or 10 usd, and, I mean, 28 colours for that price, how incredible is that? The colour pay-off looks pretty good for its price so I can't wait to get started on this palette!

LuLuLun Brightening Facial Mask
Because they're famous masks and I REALLY  need to find out why.

Maybelline Color Ink in BR-1
For some reason Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow is renamed in Japan, I wonder why? These little pots have been in the scene for quite a long while but this is actually my first ever Tattoo pot. I got this in the bronzey brown shade but I can't wait to get my hands on other colours as well.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil in BR-1
I came to Japan without any proper eyebrow pencil and I picked this one out immediately because it looked really easy to use (and it's super affordable!). Plus, the dark brown shade is pretty on point for my skin tone.

K-palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyepencil & Lasting 2way Eyebrow Pencil
I haven't found a pencil liner that is tough enough to stick on my waterline (and not smear onto my contacts, which is so annoying and super uncomfortable!), and after hearing good things about the 1 Day Tattoo pencil from Lisa Eldridge, I'm hoping the Super Black and Deep Brown liners would do it for me!
I couldn't help getting the 1 Day Tattoo eyebrow pencil as well, which I have used and is really good.

Visee Lip & Cheek Cream in PK-4
Another product that I got from recommendations made by Lisa Eldridge! This cream comes in five beautiful different shades, which caused me to spend around 15 minutes squatting on the floor in a pharmacy in Shibuya, trying to pick out the best shade out of the five to get.

Queen's Key Betty Boop Liquid Liner
How adorable are those boxes? It doesn't actually state "Liquid Liner" anywhere on the box, but it's probably there in Japanese! I got suckered into buying these liners only because of the kitschy Betty Boop packaging but, you guys, they're the best affordable liquid liners I have ever, ever used. Unlike some other black liquid liners I've tried, which are usually more watery black, this Betty Boop black liner that is aptly named Devil Black, is a real dark black. I especially love the soft yet sturdy brush that makes drawing a flicked line super easy.
I was so pleased with the Devil Black that I considered buying another one of it as a back-up, but changed my mind and got the one in Bitter Brown instead, which is quite a nice brown shade. If I ever get to go back to Japan, I'm getting this liner in every other available colour! (They even come in a bright pink shade)

Looking at all these products makes me reminisce the moments I got each of themand it's making me wish I had gotten a lot more products! But I'm actually pretty happy with what I've got, so can't wait to dive right into everything!


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