#ThrowbackEveryday to Retro Fashion

Throwbacks aren't exclusively for Thursdays any more!

Retro fashion seems pretty ubiquitous right now: I search for fresh things to pin on Pinterest and I see lots of denim flares; I scroll through my Instagram feed and all these fashion bloggers are throwing it way back with their suede top or skirts (and effectively making suede cool again). 
Safe to say, the best of retro is what is feeding all these fashion girls right now.

As for me? I've always had an affinity for the retro style, an affinity that I fully credit to possibly the most well-known stylist in the public eye, Rachel Zoe, who's always exuding 1970's glamour. All the drapey kaftans, flared black pants, long dress-like tops, her stacked chunky accessoriesall these things are what makes The Rachel Zoe Project worthwhile watching for me.

Retro has never been more current, so it is the perfect time to put some #throwback not just in your Instagram, but into your wardrobe as well. With major designers even getting in on the game, there's no better time to be a player than now!

Here are some of the retro fashion trends for women that are sweeping the fashion nation in 2015:

High waisted flared pants
I'll be honest here, this is one trend that is darn difficult to pull off but I promise that all it takes for you to be a loyal supporter of this trend is your very own perfect pair of flared pants. (I personally finally, FINALLY found mine last month at H&M in Tokyo Station, of all places!) The perfect pair of high waisted flare pants should cinch you at the waist, hugs your hips and falls seamlessly in a streamlined way over your legs in a flare fashion.
But of course, who's to say you can't modernise this trend in your own way? I have long legs and a shorter torso so I opt for flared pants that are lower than my natural waistline.

Feeling like any high-waisted look to be a little out of your league? No worries. Stick with your normal low-cut and feel free to only embrace the flare effect.

Floral motifs
I love kitsch, and not many things say kitsch as huge, gorgeous psychedelic floral patternsI especially love it when they're on a long-sleeved maxi dress! (On a serious note, I own three of them, and I need more of them.)
If you're not into having loud clothes talking for you, then choose floral motifs that are more subtle, elegant and evoke that vintage feeling.
Don't be afraid to mix and match different floral patterns, because it CAN work.

Now this is one super duper easy trend that you could immerse yourself in if you truly want to be a 70's wild child: grab a bright scarf, wrap it around or over your head, tie ends into a knot, and you're done. Seriously, 70's fashion can't get any easier than that.

Be warned: as easy as this trend sounds, it's the toughest one to pull off, but it IS the one that impacts that 70's vibe the most though! Make sure you're fashioning this with the right outfit and at the right time, and only then it is right onnn.
For hijabis such as myself, a way to do this trend is to simply pick the boldest, most delicious-looking floral print scarf and wear it as a hijab as you normally do. Imagine pairing that with a plain kaftan or a loose plain maxidress, with a suede sling back across your body and some chunky heels or fringed suede ankle boots on your feet, and stepping out of the house feeling like you're the Carrie Bradshaw of the hijabi world.
(Note: I will neither deny or confirm if I've ever walked out of my house feeling this way since I haven't found my own fringed suede ankle boots.)

Want to get your 70's fix? Head over to Zalora's trendy retro fashion collection and feast your eyes (and wallet!).

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