High-waisted Pants & That Clapboard Clutch

For someone with longer legs and a shorter torso, it certainly wasn't a walk in the park to find a good pair of high-waisted pants, but I daresay I've found a pretty darn good pair here.

The best part? They were on sale in H&M for 1000 yen! That's like RM 30, guys.

Not to say they're perfect though; the hem needs to be an inch lower or so, and maybe then they'd finally be closer to perfection (there's always hope).
I paired the pants with the black and white striped top I last wore here; this wraparound top is actually a lot longer but it looks so much better tucked into anything!
Now let's talk about that clapboard clutchor, clapperboard?

Whichever the preferred term is, I've been lusting after this clutch since my second trip to Tokyo in March. I saw it in a store in Shibuya 109 but by then I already had another clutch and this denim bag on my list of Things To Get Before Leaving Japan. I had to prioritize, after all!

But then at the very last minute I decided to get this clapboard clutch instead of that other clutch on my listonly by the time I went back to Shibuya 109, it was out of stock. Ah well. So I thought I might as well get the other clutch after all, but the image of the clapboard clutch kept appearing at the back of my mind.

However I do believe in things that are meant to be and things that are not meant to be, so when I went back to Tokyo in May, I made my way to Shibuya 109 the very next day and this clutch was available!

Meant to be.

By the way, I was in the process of editing these photos when I realized who my outfit reminded me of: those gondoliers in Venice.
Which is kind of awesome.

Striped top: Cotton On   |   High-waisted pants: H&M   |   Loafers: Timberland   |   Clapboard clutch: Shibuya 109   |   Grey butterfly scarf: H&M


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