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Rainbow & Sky-Blue

It was a cloudy yet beautiful day in Penang and I was in my favourite beach side hotel in Penang with my most favourite person in the whole wide world. 
Sometimes I catch myself being caught up in my own bubble of happiness, but I actually think it's healthy to be in that state once in a while, and all the while not forgetting to be thankful for it.

I've always loved the breakfast buffet at a hotel, is that weird? I'm definitely a good person to take to a buffet as I would taste pretty much everything available!

In this hotel, the cafe where breakfast is served is on a patio overlooking the beach. Shah and I had a very early breakfast on this particular day and as I sat there with a cup of hot tea in my hand, I thought, "Wouldn't it be wonderful to put on my very colourful rainbow dress and have a little photo shoot session at the beach?"

Girlie's Barn Dress   |   Scarf from a little store in Berjaya Times Square

Dreaming of the day I'd get to go back to this beach (and their breakfast buffet!).


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