Lipstick as Blush

Sometimes a lipstick doesn't have to just be a lipstick! I've been repurposing some of the lipsticks I own as a blush and I've been LOVING it. 

My first experiment with lipstick-as-a-blush was accidental but it went so well that I feel like I should just ditch my other powder blushes. I would have thought something so emollient wouldn't last nowhere near as long as my old-school blushes, especially on my combination-oily skin, but I was proven wrong. I used to scoff when I read in the beauty section that cream blushes stay on for longer than a powder blush but I'm a changed woman now. (#wiser)
If I'm too lazy to carry a whole stack of makeup when travelling, I can now just stick with a good concealer, an eyelash curler and a lipstick, and those will be all I need.

My favourite current lipstick-as-blush? Revlon Super Lustrous in Rose Velvet, which happens to be one of my all-time favourite lipstick-as-lipstick, too. The sweet pink colour blends seamlessly and evenly on my cheeks but the best part is it actually stays on for HOURS. 

Not all lipsticks would work well as a blush, though; it depends on the colour (Bright purple on lips? Yes. Bright purple on cheeks? Maybe no) and more importantly, the texturea matte lipstick might not be the most ideal as it'll be hard to blend and could end up looking unnatural.

Here's my how-to:
  • Rub a small amount of  lipstick on your ring finer
  • Dot lipstick on cheeks
  • Spread lipstick evenly on apple of cheeks or a little higher
  • Layer as needed

If you've never given this two-in-one trick a go, give it one now!

Do you already repurpose your lipsticks as blushes? Which of your lipsticks best serve the purpose? Don't forget to share here!


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