A few months ago, I was in a cafe catching up with my girlfriends. We started talking about clothes and shopping (two things I feel we don't talk about enough) when I mentioned that a majority of my clothing items were obtained under RM 100.
They were surprised by my proclamation. 
I, in turn, was surprised by their surprise.

I had up to that point believed that it was common practice and completely normal that someone has a closet filled with things that are priced under RM 100 (that's roughly 30 USD) but from my friends' reaction, apparently that wasn't the norm. One question they were asking me: "WHERE do you buy your clothes?".

The thing is, I buy my clothes mostly from the stores you buy your clothes from. I adore Pull & Bear and Bershka and I visit the nearest H&M and Zara too often for my wallet's own good. So I've arrived to the conclusion that the only thing that sets me apart from my friends and most people is probably this: I frequent these stores during sales time.
In fact, I shop at those places almost exclusively during the sales.

I've made it known in my About page that being a homemaker means not having a monthly income and as you can tell, hinders me from scoring the latest trends that are made available in all the stores. Even so I find that a closet that's stocked with budget items can be just as good as any closet.

My blog isn't named "Affordorable" for nothing, after all! I want it to be known that you don't need to have big bucks to have a happy shopping life. It's mostly about:

Differentiating what you WANT and NEED
Although, let's be honest here: when it comes to shopping, especially for clothes and makeup products, it's rarely about what we need, isn't it? Right, so we're not going to be too literal about that. 
It's more like the time I was in H&M when I spotted these RM 60 high-waisted pants and a sweet RM 150 kimono-style dress. Kimono dress sounds amazing, doesn't it? But with a budget in mind, I could only strictly get one of these items. So the thinking process is as follows:
(1) I don't own a kimono dress with a ribboned waist but then again, I do have plenty of dresses already.
(2) High-waisted black pants are a staple and I own none.
(3) I knew I would forever think about "The One That Could Have Been In My Closet" but with a limited spending allowance I asked myself "Which of these would I REGRET MORE not buying?"
I know that I will not stop thinking about "that other item" for a long time but by using this process, I always come out of the store with the better buy.

Figuring out the best times to buy stuff by keeping track of when your favourite stores discount their items
The in-between seasons sales are the ones the look for. I always check out how my favourite stores are doing whenever I pop into a mall (and see if the sales signs are up yet) but since I'm not much a mall rat, I also get my sisters to tell me if there's a sale going on anywhere.
As for makeup, I often get stock up on lipsticks and mascaras from the local pharmacies but I rarely find myself in a hurry to buy anything since pharmacies are always discounting their beauty products. It also helps that I've never been one to rush and buy the latest "It" product in the beauty market.

Shop at one-off stores/stalls that you KNOW sell cheap
Most of my dresses and palazzo pants were purchased at Berjaya Times Square where there's a floor full of little boutiques that sell the cheapest things, all priced well below RM 100 without having the quality compromised. I also buy most of my scarves from stalls that are scattered in different malls where the price is usually below RM 35 per piece.

I feel like from this point onwards it might be a bonus for me to be clearer about how really affordable are all the adorable clothing and makeup products I purchased. I haven't quite figured out how yet but I'm thinking about listing items that are Under RM 100 or Under RM 150 or even Under RM 50 (got loads of these!).

We'll see how it goes (and hopefully it goes well!) xxoo

Two-tone top from Berjaya Times Square   |   Pimkie Jeans   |   Forever 21 Ankle Boots   |   Accessorize "Call Me" Clutch
all under RM 100