Shirt Dress, Long Cover-up, Anything Goes

Are long cover-ups the best, or what? I don't know, I feel like they very well could be the best.

I spotted this dark grey rayon shirt dress hanging in H&M and my first thought was I could actually wear this as a shirt dress and let a slim-fitting pair of pants or even something really flared peeking through underneath because it's long enough to not resemble a dressy dressI'm not a fan of the "dress on top of pants" trend, when the top is obviously a dress, does that make sense?but then I thought "But maybe it would look better as the longest cover-up I've ever owned", and I think I just really like it better that way.

But one day maybe you'll see me wearing it as a shirt dress, who knows?

Shot these photos near the Togetsukyo Bridge, a personal favourite spot of mine in Kyoto that I fell in love with back when I first visited it in March.

Shirt dress: H&M   |   T-shirt: Mango   |   Printed pants: H&M   |   Sneakers: Adidas Relace Low


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