Halal Food In Tokyo: Halal Japanese BBQ at Gyumon, Shibuya

If you've read about my Tokyo adventures, you might have caught my post on Hanasakiji-san; I was and still am OBSESSED with the halal shabu-shabu there, it is SO GOOD. (P/s: Shah and I went there twice in our recent two-week trip, but we honestly almost, almost made it to three times)

But I might have found another little restaurant (the size of these restaurants is literally little, really) to obsess over: Gyumon.

Just look at these beauties. Authentic Japanese barbecue in an authentically Japanese spot, AND it serves halal food. Can you not dig that?

I tried out this place in my second trip but didn't get a chance to take photos and write properly about this place, but I made sure to do so in this third trip.

Just like Hanasakiji-san, Gyumon isn't exclusively halal but they serve halal meat, and I mean GOOD halal meat. So, to Muslims who are visiting Tokyo and would love to gorge on red meat after you're sick of eating all the seafood, time to pump fists in the air like you just don't ca-areee! 

There's a halal set menu that's priced at 4000 yen (not including tax), comprising of: 
  • Three types of beef: beef shoulder, beef round meat and beef rib loin
  • 1 salad
  • 1 rice
  • 1 drink
The first time I went to Gyumon, there were three of us and ordering two sets was good enough. When it comes to two people, I personally think it's sufficientand better, health-wiseto share one set, but with one rice and another drink added.

All the beef for one set, with some chilli paste

Shah and I added kimchi too, which cost 380 yen

But since Shah and I don't know better, we added another plate of beef to our dinner for 900 yen, because we're YOLO like that. But, you guys, these beefs are really properly marinated and tasted so good, Shah and I were like, "OK, we don't know if we're ever coming back here, so, yeh, one more plate of beef yaaasssss".

Another plate of beef shoulder, mmm

The beefs are all really tasty and juicy and marinated just right. Shah and I like red meat to be medium-rare to medium-well as they taste the best those ways: not chewy and all soft and melt-y in our mouths.

And let's talk about the salad. Really, what DID those guys put in the salad? Imagine tasting a salad that's magically real, and that is what theirs taste likeit's totally addictive!
You'll be pleased to know that even though Shah and I forgot to limit our red meat intake, we ordered another plate of this salad, because that's just how delish the salad is. So I guess we ate a pretty well-balanced meal after all! (Righttt? I know I'm right. I am, though, right?)

This plain looking but magical-tasting salad

I always order hot oolong tea when I'm eating out in Japan, and I really like how Gyumon uses these tall, big metal mugs to serve their drinks in, which you can see in the first photo in this post. Makes me feel a little like a Viking! 
(Note: I'm in the middle of reading the How To Train Your Dragon book series, and I LOVED the two movies too).

So basically these are the sceneries you'd be enjoying if you were in Gyumon:

Halal logo at top right, in collaboration with Malaysia Halal Corporation Co., Ltd.!

Barbecue contraption with the sucking device

Yeh you do! High fivesss

Loving that kitschy Japanese curtain

Gyumon is in a pretty secluded spot, but that's what I like about it, like that sort of gives an air of authenticity about that place.

This is how I personally always go to Gyumon, and you mighttt just find my directions helpful: 
Take the Metro Ginza line to Shibuya station and exit at Shibuya Hikarie. Once you're in Hikarie, go down the escalator until you reach the ground floor, where you could see the main road. Turn left and go straight until you reach a staircase leading to pedestrian crossing. Go up the stairs and walk straight, and I mean straight allll the way, then descend the stairs, and walk straight still. You'd be doing a lot of walking, until you see a 7 Eleven on your left, and walk further still. Look for this little street on your left.

If you've reach the four-way junction, you've gone too far. Back up a little. You want this teeny tiny corner here. That brightly lit tiny entrance will lead you into the little restaurant that is Gyumon.

Of course, I'm not asking you to give my directions complete confidence, so do have access to Google Map or Waze, and try make those two your best friends. Good luck finding the place, and enjoy the food there! I'll be teething in envy from Malaysia over here!


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