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Electric Shades

Does everyone else have a Flavour of the Moment kind of thing when it comes to shades? Because I do, and these are mine at the moment.

I've been purchasing a pair of shades every time I go to Tokyo as a keepsake of that particular trip. It's just a more fun form of memento than, say, a magnet (which I do collect too!). It's just less easy for me to recall the memory of when I'm purchasing a magnet, but I can remember clearly the scenery and feeling of when I'm picking up a pair of shades. Shopping for my closet just have that effect on me, especially when I'm travelling.

I've been a bit of a shades hoarder since last year so I was stoked to add these to my collection!

Under RM100
Round shades from Growze, Shibuya 109
Zara electric blue sweater
Zara electric blue ballet blats

Under RM50
H&M printed pants


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